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Our Story

BodyFitPlan is developing a meal plan product to Lead the client to a healthy lifestyle by using an AI-based engine

“There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.”

Like any other business, the CEO will be responsible for organizing, planning, controlling, and coordinating, but since in startups, the CEO generally plays the role of product manager and business analyst. He is also in charge of the work, so I can list the three main tasks of the CEO in the first year of activity as follows:
a) Analyzing customer needs and designing a business model to meet this need (and continuous improvement of this model based on customer feedback)
b) Establishing structures and units and compiling job descriptions and gradual transfer of some of my duties to the relevant units and individuals.
c) Planning (which I will do based on the OKR model) and monitoring the level of access to goals and identifying deviations and finding out their reasons. One example of this planning is a product design and features and modules, as well as its user interface, which I have to explain to developers through the exact Use Cases.using her.

The problem we will solve

Currently, there are hundreds of services that take users’ weight, and based on their daily activities, provide daily calories users have to take in order to lose, gain, or maintain weight. After that, the user needs to counsel a diet expert to find out what kinds of food she has to have and how much of each food. Those services usually do nothing about user’s tastes, health and life conditions, and working hours among other factors. And we can add the fact that users may not have enough time or skill to cook the food that those services or diet experts may suggest. This results in frustration and giving up on the health plan and the path the user must take, thus resulting to return their habits and lifestyles and gaining weight again.

– Margaery Tyrell